A Milestone Community Decision: Recovery Fund Vote and Preparing for the Stohn Coin Auction

Stohn Coin
2 min readApr 30, 2024


We’ve recently concluded an important vote regarding the future of the 443,854 SOH in our Recovery Fund. This decision-making process has been a cornerstone of our commitment to maintaining transparency and fostering community engagement.

With the release of Stohn Core version 3.1 and our continued expansion on platforms such as MEXC prompted us to revisit the allocation of our Recovery Fund. The voting options were designed not only to utilize these funds effectively but also to empower our community to have a direct say in our strategic direction:

  1. Auction all remaining coins to the highest bidder.
  2. Auction with a 90-day delivery to mitigate potential market volatility.
  3. Auction a select portion of the coins, pending a subsequent community vote.
  4. Utilize the coins for internal needs, such as marketing and new exchange listings.
  5. Consider other community-driven suggestions.

To adapt to our growing presence across communication channels and enhance voting integrity, we implemented a new anonymous voting system. Community members were encouraged to vote by transferring SOH to specific addresses corresponding to their choice.

Voting Results: The community’s voice was loud and clear, and the results reflect a strong consensus:

  • Auction to the Highest Bidder: 4,000 SOH
  • Auction with 90-Day Delivery: 696,704 SOH (Winner)
  • Auction Some Coins: 0 SOH
  • Use for Internal Expenses: 202,761 SOH
  • Other Suggestions: 0 SOH

The favored option, auctioning with a 90-day delivery, underscores our community’s preference for a cautious yet proactive approach to fund management, aiming to minimize immediate market impacts.

What’s Next: Following the community’s decision, we are setting the stage for an auction where these funds will be made available through USDT bids. This strategic move is intended to bolster our financial stability and support future development initiatives.

Details about the auction process will be shared soon, including participation guidelines, timelines, and more. This forthcoming event represents a significant opportunity for both seasoned investors and new entrants to engage with and contribute to the Stohn Coin ecosystem.

We deeply appreciate every community member who took part in this pivotal vote. Your active involvement is instrumental in shaping our journey and ensuring Stohn Coin’s continued success. Please stay tuned for further updates as we proceed with the auction preparations and continue to advance our shared vision for Stohn Coin.



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