Crypto Market Braces for Volatility as $8.2 Billion in Options Expire

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3 min readMay 31, 2024


As the cryptocurrency market braces for significant movement, $8.2 billion worth of Bitcoin and Ether options are set to expire. The total open interest (OI) notional value for all outstanding BTC options contracts stands at $19 billion. On May 31, 69,000 Bitcoin options worth $4.7 billion and 920,000 Ether options worth $3.5 billion will reach their expiry. Historically, the expiry of crypto options contracts has been linked to heightened price volatility in the market.

Understanding Put/Call Ratios

According to data from Deribit, the put/call ratio (PCR) for the expiring Bitcoin (BTC) options is 0.61. This indicates that more call options (long contracts) are expiring than put options (short contracts). For Ether (ETH) options, the PCR stands at 0.46.

The put/call ratio is a technical indicator that reflects trader market sentiment. A PCR below 0.7 is considered indicative of strong bullish sentiment, suggesting that traders expect prices to rise. Conversely, a PCR above 1 signals strong bearish sentiment, indicating expectations of falling prices.

Market Sentiment and Potential Price Movements

Bitcoin (BTC)

  • Put/Call Ratio: 0.61
  • Implication: A PCR of 0.61 suggests a bullish sentiment among traders. More call options expiring compared to put options indicates that traders are generally expecting the price of Bitcoin to increase.

Ether (ETH)

  • Put/Call Ratio: 0.46
  • Implication: A PCR of 0.46 also indicates a bullish sentiment for Ether. The lower PCR compared to Bitcoin further underscores a strong expectation of price appreciation for Ether.

How Expiry Impacts the Market

The expiration of such a large volume of options contracts can lead to significant market movements due to the closing of positions and the need for traders to either exercise their options or let them expire. This process often results in increased trading volume and volatility.

Will Crypto Prices Go Up or Fall?

Given the bullish put/call ratios for both Bitcoin and Ether, it is likely that the market sentiment is leaning towards price increases for both cryptocurrencies. However, it’s essential to consider that while the PCR provides insight into trader sentiment, actual market movements depend on a range of factors including overall market conditions, macroeconomic events, and unexpected news.


The expiration of $8.2 billion in Bitcoin and Ether options on May 31 is a critical event that could lead to significant price volatility. With the put/call ratios indicating strong bullish sentiment, the market appears to be anticipating upward price movements for both Bitcoin and Ether. Traders should stay vigilant and be prepared for potential price swings as these options contracts expire.

By closely monitoring market indicators and understanding the implications of options expiry, traders can better navigate the volatility and make informed decisions.

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